Natural cider from the Yarra Valley, honest and alive without added yeast, sugar, acid, water or other stuff. Apples, pears and quinces naturally fermented in old barrels and bottled for your drinking pleasure. The results are nuanced and complex ciders but more importantly, they’re delicious. We also partner with a couple of other local Yarra Valley farms to provide fruit, spices and hops for small batch specialty cider projects that take our fancy.


First made in 2016, it was a 20L batch of cider made with some of the first fruit harvested for the season, bottled young and promptly drank. The conclusion was resounding; it was delicious. Within weeks another 500L had been made, it was clear we couldn’t drink it all on our own and Adam’s Evening was born.


Adam’s Evening is a collective of four Yarra Valley folks; Oliver Johns of Cre wines whose family owns the orchard in Yering where the ciders are grown and made, Sally and Tom Belford of Bobar wines in nearby Yarra Glen who are mad for fermenting, and Jaime Spies, artist and designer who gives the bottles their distinctive style.

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