Image of 2018 Dry

2018 Dry


Following on from our first release in 2016 of straight apple cider, this release builds on that style with the inclusion of some pear giving added depth and breadth and a year of maturation in bottle to develop greater complexity.

85% apple;
Fuji - Gala - Red Delicious - Golden Delicious - Granny Smith - Jonathan - Sundowner

And 15% pear - Howell

Each variety was allowed to ripen on the trees and harvested and crushed throughout the harvest season. Following crushing they were allowed to macerate for varying amounts of time, pressed and barrel fermented.

A small amount of juice from the last harvest of the season was added to the dry cider, it was bottled and left to ferment in bottle.

Twelve months further maturation in bottle has produced a dry, complex and detailed cider.


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